Who we are


We are experts in sun protection systems, offering technical solutions in order to create comfort spaces provided by customized designs and shade elements.

As a company, in LAVELERIA we rely on our 10 years of experience in the sailing industry in order to offer solar protection solutions using this manufacturing know how (rigging) as an alternative to conventional solar protection solutions.

Using sun protection nets we can cover open spaces up to 200 sqm, allowing a dream play of light and shadow.

The technical innovations, as well as high quality materials and die cut tissues offer a solid resistance to light, without being an obstacle to the wind.

We provide home, garden or business solutions – a tailor made and creative alternative to the classical sunshade.

Our product

Our nets are pieces of fabric cut, perforated by a plotter or computer, producing a pattern of openings following a regular plot.

This finishing allows the pass of wind, offering minimal resistance to it.

The system is a guarantee of security when it comes to shading spaces, and is not affected by heavy rain or snowfall.

The visual effect of these openings reminds of a vegetation cover and provides a shaded environment at the same time as they let in partial light.

It will allow us to cover areas in a very natural way, reminding of the comfort of lying under the shades of trees.

Depending on the desired shade factor, there are different types of die cut openings, more wide or narrow.

The installation is very easy, using light anchors, rings or flanges.

If larger spaces are to be covered, we can also provide technical support in order to produce tensioned cables for its support. In the case of large spaces can ask technical project to generate cables tensioned as support.

– Shade areas up to 200 sqm

– Pergolas

– Wall and fence separations

– Kids play grounds and schools

– Terraces

– Chill Out areas

– Visual protection

At LAVELERIA we provide different shade solutions. Our nets can cover areas up to 150 sqm with an organic, light a natural shade.

We carry out customized projects putting together pieces of fabric following the desired design and shade area.

We have a network of specialized craftsmen in case special installation is needed.

We offer retail service, cleaning and maintenance of the fabric and anchoring elements.